What is an ENT surgical center?

An ENT surgical center is an ambulatory surgery center that focuses on one specialty: ear, nose, and throat surgery. At an ENT surgical center, all procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, which means that all patients are able to leave within several hours of surgery and do not need to plan for overnight care.

Ambulatory surgery centers, including ENT surgical centers, have changed the face of modern American healthcare by providing a convenient (and often less expensive) alternative to hospital-based outpatient procedures.

Advantages of ENT Surgical Centers 

ENT surgical centers offer a number of benefits to potential patients, In addition to our top ENT surgeons, benefits include:

  • Proven Patient Satisfaction. Studies have shown that the level and quality of care provided in ambulatory surgery centers is equal to or better than comparable hospital care. What’s more, more than half of registered ambulatory surgery centers have reported that at least 70% of their procedures begin within seven minutes of their scheduled start time.
  • Cash Option Surgery. Because many ambulatory surgery centers are privately owned and operated, they can control costs. This control allows facilities like our ENT surgical center to provide a unique cash option surgery package. Patients without insurance and those with high deductibles can save thousands of dollars by choosing our cash surgery pricing option.
  • Specialized, Patient-Centered Care. Specialized facilities such as ENT surgical centers provide high-quality, individualized care in a patient-centered environment. Patients can expect a level of personal attention that they may not receive in a hospital setting.
  • Our ENT Surgical Center

Located conveniently in metro Atlanta, Northwest ENT Surgery Center delivers high quality, outpatient care in a specialized environment. Our state-of-the-art ENT surgical center is both owned and operated by the board-certified physicians of Northwest ENT and Allergy Center, and is fully accredited by The Joint Commission. We cater to patients from across the United States, including the Midwest, southeast, northwest, and northeast.

To learn more about our ENT surgical center, please call (678) 483-8833, or fill out our contact form.