This is a minimally invasive procedure whereby a two-inch incision is made in the neck and an endoscope, a fiber-optic surgical device used to navigate to and remove the parathyroid glands, is inserted and guided by physicians. The surgery should last 15 – 30 minutes, and patients should be ready to leave three hours after arrival. A small drain may be placed by the incision and is removed the next morning.

After Surgery

With this advanced and minimally invasive procedure, pain is minimal. Regular activity can be resumed within 2 days.

All sutures used in the procedure are absorbable, so they naturally biodegrade in the body and do not require removal by a physician. Out of town patients are cleared for travel right after the drain is removed the day following surgery, though patients should schedule a follow-up visit with their primary care physician or endocrinologist between 2 – 4 weeks after surgery.

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