Hoarseness from weak or paralyzed vocal cords can be improved temporarily by injecting a collagen material into the vocal cords.  Micro-laryngoscopy with vocal cord injection is a procedure done under very brief anesthesia. The injected material thickens the affected vocal cord, allowing the normal vocal cord touch the other side again and improving the voice. Results are immediate with essentially no recovery or restrictions. The injected material slowly absorbs over several months up to one year, but can be repeated if necessary.

Laryngoplasty offers a more permanent solution. Through a small (2 inch) neck incision, an implant is placed to move the paralyzed vocal cord to the middle allowing the normal vocal cord to touch and improve the voice.  Pain is mild after this procedure. Voice will gradually improve over 2 weeks. No restrictions on diet or activity.

After Surgery

Out of town patients are cleared for travel the next day. Follow-up as necessary based on quality of the voice.

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