Ear Tubes with Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

The insertion of pediatric ear tubes and the removal of tonsils and adenoids will be performed with the use of general anesthesia.

Pressure equalizing ear tubes are placed in the child’s ear through a microscopic incision in the ear drum. Within nine months to a year, these tubes generally fall from the eardrum into the ear canal, allowing the small incision to heal without further medical care.

This surgery lasts about 30 minutes, and patients will be ready to leave Northwest ENT Surgery Center 2 ½-3 hours after their arrival.

After Surgery

After the placement of ear tubes, Northwest ENT Surgery Center recommends scheduling a follow-up appointment with a pediatrician or family physician in 3-6 months.

Following the tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, patients may experience mild to moderate discomfort; this irritation should subside in approximately one week. Post-surgical pain can be minimized by ensuring that the patient only consumes cool, soft foods during his or her recovery. After one week, a normal level of activity may be resumed.

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