Neck Mass Biopsy (Deep)

Under general anesthesia, an incision is made to biopsy or remove an abnormal neck mass. Absorbable sutures or tissue glue is used and the extracted tissue is sent to the pathology lab. Occasionally a drain is placed beneath the incision area.  This procedure may take up to one hour.

After Surgery

This operation is a relatively painless one that may result in some discomfort in the days following the procedure; however, pain should subside over the next two or three days. Patients may resume normal activity in as little as one day afterward, and there are no dietary restrictions.

All sutures used in the procedure are absorbable, meaning they naturally biodegrade in the body and do not require a physician to remove them. Out of town patients are cleared for travel the day after the procedure, and no follow-up is necessary unless otherwise directed.

Routine biopsy results are usually available 5 business days after the procedures.

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