Very impressive surgical center!  State of the art equipment, clean environment, friendly and caring staff. Dr. Parikh’s knowledge and experience in parathyroid surgery made me feel very comfortable allowing him to operate on me. The surgery went much quicker and recovery was much easier compared to what I was told to expect from another surgeon.

-Sarah W. | Springfield, IL

My son had a hole in his eardrum that needed surgery. We have a high deductible and was looking for a specialty facility that would give us an all-inclusive price if we paid cash. Other facilities may post a price for a procedure but be careful of other tacked on fees. This facility provided everything – even the hearing test and office visit – for one price much less that I would have paid to meet my deductible.


I’ve suffered with sinus issues for about as long as I can remember, but have been afraid to go the surgical route because of horror stories told by my friends. My best friend had nasal surgery by Dr. Locandro and had a great result. Traveling from North Carolina meant staying in a hotel. They have a discount rate at a nice Embassy Suites Hotel nearby. The surgery went smoothly and easily. Didn’t realize how good it feels to breathe through my nose again.

-Eugene S. | Franklin, NC

I am generally healthy and had been living with nasal blockage from a deviated septum. I do not have health insurance but do not qualify for financial need. The price I was quoted at my local hospital and for the surgeon was through the roof.  This center guaranteed me a fixed affordable price for the entire procedure. Great results and easy recovery.


We flew into Atlanta on a Thursday morning and home that Saturday.  Renting a car is always a hassle but a necessary one in this case.  The surgery center itself is a beautiful facility, very modern and clean without the feeling of a stark medical institution.  Staff was friendly and competent and my husband was content in the family waiting area (complete with a variety of refreshments and cable TV) while he waited for me to wake up from anesthesia.  We arrived at the surgery center at 7 am and were on our way back to the hotel to relax at the pool by 11 am.

-Maureen L. | Richmond, VA

Dr. Ryan Kauffman and his staff are fantastic and made sure every single question I had was answered before my surgery.  As important to me was Dr Kauffman’s bedside manner. In my years of going to doctors, I’ve NEVER had a doctor with a more friendly and fun attitude that caused me to unknowingly relax as soon as we met. His knowledge of my issue was superb and I would highly recommend him and his surgical staff too.

-Patrick B. | Marietta, GA

Dr. Ingley is the best! Extremely pleased with my son’s ear tubes and adenoids, her bedside manner, her expertise and how smoothly everything went at the surgery center.  I recommend her HIGHLY!!!

-Lynn A. | Birmingham, AL

The nursing staff in recovery was so warm, kind and caring!  Waking up from anesthesia can be scary but these ladies made it as gentle and comfortable as could be.

-Betsy C. | Dunwoody, GA