About Atlanta’s Leading Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Center

As a leading ear, nose and throat surgery center, Northwest ENT Surgery Center delivers high-quality, ambulatory care in a specialized environment. Our state-of-the-art facility is independently owned and operated by ENT physicians of Northwest ENT and Allergy Center. 

Expert ENT Care in a Patient-Centered Environment

As an ambulatory ear, nose and throat surgery center, we are able to offer our patients individualized, outpatient care that they might not find in a busy hospital setting. In fact, half of the certified ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) in the United States report that well over 70 percent of their outpatient procedures begin within 5-7 minutes of the scheduled start time.

At Northwest ENT Surgery Center, patients enjoy specialized care and one-on-one medical attention from our board-qualified surgeons and compassionate medical staff.

Cash Pricing for Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Centers 

Transparent surgery pricing in the United States is difficult to find; unfortunately, many hospitals and surgery centers operate on high profit margins that leave patients with skyrocketing medical bills—and in many cases, these prices don’t even include the surgeon, anesthesiologist, or various services. 

As an independent ear, nose and throat surgery center, we are able to offer our patients a unique, all-inclusive cash surgery pricing package. Patients who have no insurance (or a high deductible insurance plan) can save thousands of dollars by choosing the Northwest ENT Surgery Center cash price option. Our posted prices are all-inclusive and guaranteed. 

Contact Northwest ENT Surgery Center

To learn more about our ear, nose and throat surgery center, please call (678) 483-8833, or fill out our contact form.